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IOTW can create the difficult solutions that you need. Here are a few examples.

Input Magic – Auto Fill PDF forms, both online and offline. Many businesses need to fill in PDF forms, including Real Estate, Bankers, Lawyers and more. IOTW’s Input Magic can auto fill hundreds and thousands of PDF forms with data from a spreadsheet, in seconds. In any language. View YouTube Video.

Dashboard Magic - Custom dashboard to view many different data for analysis. In any language. View YouTube Video

ERP custom reports – We’re all aware of how difficult it is to get the exact reports out of ERPs to solve and prevent problems. IOTW has developed the process and solutions to create them. We use the same knowledge and tools we used to create the difficult PeopleSoft custom reports for the University of Colorado. Contact IOTW, tell us what you need, and let us provide you with the solutions you need to solve and prevent problems. Contact IOTW