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                               Review of Perpetuum Dashboard

Info On The Web (IOTW) creates the exact Data Analysis and Dashboard that Consultants and their Business Clients need to analyze the large amount of data to help make decisions.   IOTW's Custom Dashboard solution can display data from multiple sources all on a single Dashboard, as well as multiple data on a single chart and gauge.

The tool that IOTW uses to create the custom dashboard to enable businesses to get the analysis they need is the Dashboard program from Perpetuum.   This review will describe Perpetuum Dashboard and its features, and by IOTW customizing it and adding new features, the powerful Dashboard and Data Analysis solutions that IOTW can create for Consultants and their Business Clients.

Perpetuum Dashboard
The Perpetuum Dashboard software is very professional and extremely easy to use. With over 180 charts and gauges to choose from, professional Dashboards can be created in a matter of hours. rather than days.  We have reviewed many other Dashboards but have found that Perpetuum not only offers more programming options but has excellent support also.   We have posted numerous questions to their support and received answers and even code examples within 24hrs.  Their software installation package contains examples covering most of the options and properties a programmer would need to get started fast in creating a Dashboard.  Both visual basic and C+ examples are provided.  Once an application is created and running on the web, applying data to charts and gauges is fast and very responsive.

How Multiple Data, Perpetuum Dashboard and IOTW work together
The image below shows the overall picture of how the IOTW solution with Perpetuum Dashboard works with multiple data.

  • Data can come from multiple sources.
  • 1 - Accounting and ERP programs, including QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuites, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc.
  • 2 - CRM / Customer Relations Manager including Sales Force, Method Integration, etc.
  • 3 - Excel & Other Spreadsheet data.
  • 4 - Data Bases - MySQL, Sql Server, Access, etc.
  • 5 - Data from many other programs not covered above.
  • 6 - Software Developer Kit (SDK), Application Progrmaming Interface (API) are used by IOTW to integrate Real Time data with the Dashboard and analysis.
  • 7 - Info On The Web (IOTW) integrates all of the above data and with Perpetuum Dashboard create the exact custom Dashboards an data analysis that businesses need.
  • 8 - IOTW custom Dashboard solutions can be viewed by clients from anywhere using any device with web access.

Examples of IOTW solutions using and customizing Perpetuum Dashboard
Example1 - dashboard displays data from multiple sources on one Dashboard.  Includes Charts, Gauges and Financial Reports
1. Data can come from Accounting / ERP, CRM, Excel and many other sources.
2. IOTW extensively uses #6 SDK (Software Developement Kit) and API (Application Programming Interface) to analyze data in Real Time, not only historical data from last year or last month.

Example2 - IOTW customizes and programs the Dashboard to display potential problems in special ways including color to bring to the client's attention.   For example When the CASH balance is negative, IOTW can display that gauge in eye catching RED.

Example3 - Dashboard gauges and charts display data from different programs on one image.   For example this can be used to compare related information in different programs which should be equal, to verify that the data are equal.   If not the client can take corrective action once it is brought to their attention.

Endless Possibilities
The Perpetuum Dashboard is a very powerful customizable dashboard with many designs, features and good customer support.  By combining the power of Perpetuum Dashboard with Info On The Web's accounting and IT knowledge to customize, add new features, and integrate with IOTW custom web and mobile solutions, the possiblities are endless.   Other solutions IOTW have created and working on include:

  • Add Spanish, Japanese and other foreign language interface and description to the Dashboard, chart and gauges.
  • Use the Dashboard not only for financial analysis but for other nonfinancial analysis such as Property Management vacancy rate, unpaid rent, and other information.
  • Info On The Web can integrate the Dashboards and Data Analysis with the custom mobile apps and web solutions we design and create.