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Proven ERP Solution
Solve Difficult ERP Implementation and Operation

Are you having problems with your ERP? Do these problems sound familar:
Cost overruns, lack of accurate reports, operation nightmare, missed deadlines? You are not alone. I can help. My name is Dave Sakamoto, founder of Info On The Web (IOTW). I design and develop ERP solutions with proven results. If your ERP is driving you crazy, or worse, you fear for your job, please view the information below about the Sakamoto ERP solution.
Don't give up, we can help.

ERP systems are very difficult to implement and operate effectively

Implementing and getting ERP systems to run effectively is a VERY difficult task. If you having difficulties, you are not alone. Many consider it nearly impossible.

Nearly all cloud ERP Projects will Fail
16 Famous Epic ERP Disasters

Too many people tasked with implementing and running ERP systems for their organization have been “reassigned” or fired. I believe it is not their fault, it was an almost impossible task. I can help you successfully implement and run your expensive ERP system using my proven ERP solutions.

How Sakamoto ERP Solution Got Started

The Sakamoto ERP Solution was first implemented at the University of Colorado when I managed the Accounting Office at the Denver campus. The initial PeopleSoft implementation did not go well, and key reports we’ve been getting for years before PeopleSoft were not available nor expected for a long time. I analyzed the need and designed custom ERP solutions, and with the help of very talented student programmers, I implemented the web based ERP custom solutions that provided all of the missing reports. Every campus began coming to our little old Denver campus web site. I realized these solutions can do more than what ERP alone can do, and can help just about every other ERP implementations and operations.

How does the Sakamoto ERP Solution work?

The concept is simple. It consists of 3 pieces:
  1. Uses Datawarehouse that contains the ERP and many other data, all in one place. Most organizations already have Datawarehouse. If not, we’ll help you set it up.

  2. Info On The Web will analyze your needs and problems, and design the solutions needed.

  3. Create the solutions. IOTW's experienced IT staff has been creating my unusual but effective solutions for many years.

The concept is simple, but the execution and detail is very challenging.
Especially as you can image, #2 – Analyze and Design Solutions, and #3-Create the Solutions.

What enables IOTW to solve ERP problems when so many fail?

I've been asked this many times, and although I don’t know exactly why effective solutions pop into my head, my best guess is it comes from a combination of:

  1. Accounting / CPA experience
  2. MBA with emphasis on Information Systems
  3. Extensive experience working with numerous accounting and IT systems.
  4. And the main key, I believe, is my audit experience with the Colorado State Auditor’s office where we were taught to find problems, and to come up with up to 4 solutions. The best training, as we were never told to "look the other way", like what happened at Enron with their auditors Arthur Anderson.

My curious nature and willing to take risks have also shaped my development.

If you need help with your ERP, I am here to help

After you've tried other ERP consultants, if the ERP system is not working effectively, contact me and I will do my best to help. I will customize my proven ERP solutions to fit your need. I look forward to hearing from you if I can be of assistance.