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Yardi Windows Professional
Custom Reports & iPhone

You can now get the custom reports and fields you need and wish you had from YARDI to help run your business effectively and reduce waste and unnecessary costs.

View your reports and data from anywhere in the world on your iPhone / mobile device and even enter data from your iPhone with Info On The Web solutions.

Dick Jonilonis & Associates has teamed up with Info On The Web (IOTW) to offer you these powerful solutions which may include data from other applications, i.e. ACT, QuickBooks, etc., plus take that information out to the property/client sites. you now have a new powerful resource available for your property management company.

IOTW has designed, created and implemented web based custom reporting solutions for the University of Colorado and many business entities.

IOTW's knowledge and experience in solving difficult reporting problems working with the University of Colorado and businesses have now been applied to solve Yardi's custom reporting needs through IOTW and Dick Jonilonis & Associates.

Next page describes how this special service works.

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