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Info On The Web (IOTW) Custom Web, Mobile and Data Analysis Solutions

Info On The Web (IOTW) designs and creates the 3 key solutions for CPAs/Consultants, Businesses and Organizations needed to compete and grow in the fast changing Web, Mobile and Dashboard-Data Analysis world.

Custom Data Analysis
Custom Dashboard to provide exact data from multiple sources at a glance.
Exact difficult custom reports clients need, viewable from anywhere using IOTW mobile solutions
Custom Mobile Apps, both Android and iPhone
We design and create the exact Mobile Apps you need.
Our apps can display and work with QuickBooks/ERP and all other programs.
Custom Web Solutions.
We design and create custom web solutions.
Our creations include: Input Magic-PDF Auto Fill - Craigslist 20 Second Posting, and many others

All of IOTW solutions can be set up for any language: Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, and others.

For CPAs/Consultants, as Taxes and Bookkeeping work gradually disappear as predicted due to Outsourcing and Automation, IOTW solutions will provide the solutions needed to meet client expectations and to expand.

Our solutions work with all ERPs and Accounting Programs, both online and PC-based
Those include QuickBooks, Xero, PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, NetSuites

With IOTW on your side, you get the Custom Web, Mobile and Data Analysis solutions you need.

In addition with IOTW, you can offer powerful tools and features we add to the Key solutions. Those include:
* Multiple langauge interface - Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
* Excel Macros and VB Script.
* SDK and APIs to work with online systems in real time.
* Add New Features & Enhance Existing Features

Now let us show you examples of IOTW solutions and services you can offer.

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