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20 Second CRAIGSLIST Custom Ads


Post each ad in 20 Seconds, not 15 - 30 minutes!

Craigslist is one of the most popular web sites, possibly the most popular site in the world to place business ads including Rental Vacancy ads, Real Estate for Sale ads, and business service ads.  Often the first and only web site searched by many users.   But it is time consuming, and has many other limitations.

Info On The Web (IOTW) has created the "Craigslist Custom Ads" to reduce the time and eliminate the limitations.   It enables Property Managers, Realtors and all businesses to advertise on Craigslist easily, quickly and efficiently.  Create distinctive, professional customized Craigslist ads to stand out from the rest, and do it in seconds and minutes, not hours.   View actual examples on the next pages.

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